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Diseases of the Pelvic Floor, Incontinence

The treatment of incontinence depends on many individual factors such as existing pelvic floor problems, chronic sphincter changes or old injuries.

"Proktologie Prinzregenten 121" in Munich carries out all conservative and surgical procedures, both in-patient and out-patient, such as sphincter reconstruction, implantation of artificial sphincters and supporting systems such as sacral nerve stimulation with an incontinence pacemaker.

In connection with voiding disorders and weakness of the pelvic floor, complaints with a constant feeling of pressure, incomplete voiding, strong intestinal gas development and a feeling of fullness often occur.

A rectal prolapse can be responsible for this. If certain conditions are present, a scar-free intestinal operation performed via the anus will provide relief. In advanced cases, when an operation from the abdominal cavity is unavoidable, it is also carried out using minimally invasive keyhole technique (MIC) (visceral surgery, proctology).

In doing so, we generally do not perform a partial bowel removal, which is still standard in many places, taking into account the individual risk-benefit ratio.

Below we have provided an information document for you to download as a PDF file.