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Haemorrhoids, fistulas and fissures

Painful lumps in the anal region, sometimes with itching, pain during bowel movement, burning, bleeding or other problems are common symptoms! Often these are completely wrongly concealed!

Most of the time, it is a well treatable disorder. However, a thorough examination is always recommended so that even serious causes can be identified in time.

Many basic principles of haemorrhoidal disease are better understood today. All established treatment methods are available from us. Should an operation be necessary, "Proktologie Prinzregenten 121" uses without exception gentle and painless procedures, which have also proven to be comfortable according to international experience.

In connection with the aforementioned conditions, fissures (painful cracks) in the anal region are also very common, which are generally misinterpreted as haemorrhoids. This often very persistent change over the years, for which many affected people often spend a lot of money for self-treatment, can in suitable cases also be surgically removed.

It is important to distinguish it from a fistula disease. This inflammatory disease, which usually results from abscesses and usually requires surgical treatment, is carried out by us in such a way that the sphincter muscle is not split and thus continence is always maintained.

All of the above-mentioned diseases are suitable, if left untreated for many years, for promoting incontinence (weakness of stool) in addition to age-related tissue weakness.

In the following we have prepared some information documents (in German) as PDF-File for you to download.